IPAD-Pad Out What We Want?

08 Mar

What a cozy feeling to “flip” through pages in your IPAD while lying in the lounge with a cup of coffee in a leisure afternoon! The “amour” performs between Mr. IPAD and you~ The availability of newspaper, magazine and e-books etc. in IPAD dramatically alter the modes and patterns of publishing. It impacts or even changes the past consumption habit of audience, which also establishes new relationship between readers and publishers. In this blog, I will clarify the concept of “publishing” in a modern day basis. Then I am going to take IPAD as a contemporary case to discuss the publishing in IPAD.

Though the publishing is filled in our everyday lives, the understanding of publishing still seems to be unclear for most of us. When it comes to publishing, the first thought or even the only idea comes up to your mind might be printing or press. In this case, people subconsciously limit the parameters of the field of publishing. So, for a brief definition, publishing is the process of dissemination and production of information or anything has the possibility to be viewed in public. People who read the definition may argue or question: can it be “anything”? Personally, “YES”! In modern days, with the digitalization of the publishing mode, the parameter of what is publishing is even wider. In the first week lecture of ARTS 2090, I was surprised that even organs can be “published ” for use nowadays. What amazing! But somehow it makes me feel a little bit strange. Breakthrough or disaster?

After the clarity of publishing in present days, let’s continue the journey of publishing in IPAD.  What makes IPAD so irresistible?  The magic tools! It enriches the reading experience to be more entertaining and interactive. Such tools, for example, In Design Magazine, Promo clip etc., which demonstrates the ease-of-use of cross-media publishing system. Moreover, just drag and drop, you can also create stunning digital publications for the IPAD.

With a bunch of compliment of IPAD, however, the weaknesses of it and other Apple series products are acknowledged. Such as the closed platform, tied-to-iTunes limitations, “monopoly” in the distribution of media and so on. People become to reconsider the role of IPAD in their lives: whether it is fancy improvements or the sacrifices of other potential great products.

Does IPAD pad out what you want?!



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